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Facebook Advertising for IT Startups

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Excellent targeting

Use more than 100 unique parameters to target the right people. Shoot accurately like a sniper.

Conversion optimization

Facebook ads are not just about brand awareness. They will drive conversions on your website.

Instant results

Don’t wait another 3 months to get results. You’ll get the first leads right after the launch.

Spending control

Choose how much money you’d like to invest and increase this number as your Startup grows.

Common placements.

Facebook News feed

Instagram feed



Successful Startups run
Facebook ads.

What we do.

Account Setup

In order to run ads, we need to set up the advertising account
properly, connect a business page and set up conversion tracking.

Target Audience

We dive into your business, define the target audience
and set up multiple audiences with different targeting criteria
in the Ad account.

Ad Copywriting

Besides banners, we write compelling ad copy
that will speak to your customers.

Banner Design

Then we design eye-catching banners,
that will grab your customers’ attention.

Campaign Configuration

Finally, we set up the Facebook and Instagram ad
campaigns, upload all audiences and banners, do the
final check and launch.


After all, we analyze campaign results and
optimize ads for a higher ROI.

Our goal is to scale your Startup,
In 90% of cases, Facebook works.

The sooner you meet with us, the sooner you will get results!

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When to launch ads.

You raised Series A (B, C)
and need to scale your
Startup fast

You want to raise money
from VC and need to
increase ARR or Growth rate
in order to get higher

You developed the MVP and
need first users or
customers to see traction

You're bootstrapping,
but want to grow faster
(not just organically)

Does your startup fall into any of these categories? Let’s talk

Sales Funnel.

We don't just launch ads, we help to improve your sales funnel, since it's absolutely critical for achieving success.

If your Landing page doesn't convert visitors to sign-ups, it's useless to drive traffic on it. If your sales process doesn't convert sign-ups to paying customers it's pointless to generate them.

We're here to scale profits, not losses. So the first thing we do is dive into your Sales Funnel and find bottlenecks. Then we try to improve them together.

Our principles.

Focus on Startups

We specialize in startups. We know all about them starting from MVP up to fundraising from VC. The better the growth rate you have, the higher is your Startup valuation. Our end goal is to increase your value, and we're doing that with paid ads.

Data-driven Approach

We preach that Advertising is a science, not a mystery. It's measurable and predictable. How do we know that? Because of the data. We learn a lot from analyzing campaigns' performance with our own tools. We find patterns, test hypotheses and optimize results.

Keep VCs in mind

We know what VCs are looking for. The better ARR and the growth rate you have, the higher is your Startup valuation. With us on board, your pitch deck and board report will look much better. In this game, we're on your side.

Personal communication

We believe that without proper communication it's impossible to achieve great results. That's why we use Slack as the main way to connect, not email. Our account manager is like a friend whom you can call anytime and ask any question.

You don't have time to wait,
you need to grow right now.

The sooner you meet with us, the sooner you will get results!

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Traffic: +334%
Conversions: +752%
Traffic: +283%
Conversions: +769%
Traffic: +458%
Conversions: +631%
Traffic: +308%
Conversions: +305%
Traffic: +282%
Conversions: +196%

687 560

Leads were generated
for our clients

117 870

Paying customers from
our ad campaigns


Sign ups were
generated in 1 day


Years we exist as
Marketing Agency


Successful projects
in our portfolio

Client reviews.

Michael Kalinin Director of Sales at Balticom
Several months after the beginning of our cooperation, we have received incredible results. The Clicks number in Google Ads has increased 3 times, while the cost per click has decreased by 50%. As a result, we have received 6 times more calls and applications from our website.
Kevin Beardsley COO at XDEFI Wallet
GIM Agency’s team worked with us to create and test hundreds of campaigns across an agreed list of countries. The results to date have considerably exceeded our expectations. They achieved our first growth milestone much quicker and more efficiently than we anticipated!
Janis Jarockis CEO at EddyDesk
We turned to the GIM Agency, considering they’re the best in the Startup field. After they redesigned our website and launched Google Ads, we’ve seen a significant increase in leads and paying customers. It is a pleasure to work with these guys.
Anton Geier CEO at BCS BUS
Gim Agency team has developed many landing pages and ad campaigns for us. They took their time to dig deep and understand the nuances of the field. After we integrated the new ads, the number of requests submitted on the website skyrocketed, while the cost of each incoming client request went down by 2.5 times.

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