We are a Digital Marketing
Agency focused on scaling
IT Startups.

Our mission is to rise 100 unicorns by 2030

  • Clear
  • Measurable
  • Achievable

Meet our Founder.

Jacob Udodov founded GIM Agency 8 years ago and went from working alone to a team of 15 people and 100+ clients.

Right from the start, the agency’s focus was not on simply spending the advertising budget but on delivering measurable results to partners in the form of leads that would then be converted to closed deals. This approach helped GIM Agency build a solid reputation and grow continuously over the years.

In 2019, the agency faced a problem with remote team management. There was no software on the market that allowed efficient remote team management. That prompted Jacob to create Bordio.com – a digital daily planner for the entire team.

Starting from scratch, Jacob has put together a great team and built an amazing product. In this process, Jacob met many startup founders and VCs. What he quickly noticed in conversations with founders is that many startups created great products, but failed because there were no right marketing and sales strategies in place to support these products.

This realization prompted him to change the agency’s focus to helping startups get customers sooner and grow faster.

Startups are our passion.

We do understand the
Startup specifics

We know how hard it is to
put together a great team

We know what it takes to
develop the MVP

We know who are Early
adopters and how to get
them onboard

We know who are VC's and
what they are looking for

We know what it feels like
to pitch investors and be
rejected many times

We know what ARR is and
how dramatically it impacts
your Startup valuation

We know how to boost your
Startup's growth rate

Based in Europe.
Working worldwide.

With a head office in Riga (Latvia), our teammates are scattered all over Europe working remotely. Since it’s often hard to find the best experts in 1 location, we hire talents from different places.

Despite where we’re from, we work globally: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Europe, Africa, Near East, Asia. We can bring you clients from all over the world.

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